Anticipating design trends

Yes, we know that the year is about to come to a close, but that is no reason not to think that next year will be even more creative when it comes to ideas. With the emphasis on innovation, we decided to select a number of designers and companies whose work and singular approach to the future lead to projects and design styles aimed to amaze.

In our opinion, what will truly mark the future are the arts, design and technology. As a result, good designs are essential in ensuring a better future.

We must keep a close eye on social changes, trends and cultural movements in order to define the style that will set the pace in coming years.

We thought it would be interesting to look forward into the future and to highlight a number of creatives for their atypical approach to everything that surrounds them. They are artists who continue to stand out from the rest for their work and sensitivity when creating projects, with a well-defined identity and compelling forward-looking style.


– Product design

– Contract market

– Housing

– Public buildings

– Furniture

– Technology